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Meet New Life Crew

Meet us! We are the first non-profit organization in Vermont that specializes in helping those folks who have, due to bad decisionmaking, found themselves in need of a helping hand to step up into the job market. New Life Crew provides hope in securing employment through occupational training and character building that will lead to successful reintegration into Vermont's communities thereby securing for not only themselves, but for all Vermonters hope that by employing these men and women they will be able to be successful, and lead a clean sober law abiding lifestyle.

Our Team

We have partnered with Vermont's Restorative Justice Programs and with the Phoenix House RISE Program throughout Vermont for employment of individuals in those programs. We also work closely with the Vermont Department of Corrections who have supervised some of the men and women who have worked with New Life Crew. Our mission is to provide the opportunities for employment that these men and women need in order to reclaim their lives, and be productive and successful members of their communities.

The most important component of New Life Crew are the customers and supporters who use our services. We want to assure our customers that we closely supervise our workers, and allow the customer to choose from the workers we have available. Helping these men and women get on their feet through gainful employment is essential to keeping them active, busy, and off welfare and social service roles which society can't afford. We do what many other businesses won't do by giving folks a chance.

Bringing New Life To Your Projects


Quality Work

All of our work is guaranteed to satisfy the customer as contracted. We develop the project goals to fit the customers budget and needs. We recognize the customers need for the least intrusive quality work.


Prep and Clean-up

We make sure that all prep work is complete before the final phase. Cleanup is as important to us as the job itself, and it is always our intent to leave the site as clean or cleaner than we found it.


Skill Sets

We generally have experienced painters and carpenters. We make use of skillsets rather than hiring only for one particular trade. We market the skills of the workers that come to us to find the work that they need while also providing the skills you need for your projects.


As a non-profit organization we are always accepting donations to help with equipment to expand our ability to employ people who without New Life Crew would be needing public assistance. Currently, we need a work van, scaffolding, and an enclosed trailer hauling and storing equipment and supplies. Your donations to us are tax deductable. By helping us expand you are expanding our ability to help more people stay off of public assistance, maintain gainful employment and thereby enjoy the dignity that comes with responsibility and hard work.

Current Work Crews


We always have painters and paint crews. We do interior painting as well as exterior painting. We carefully process each phase of the work.


We usually have workers skilled in carpentry. Working with Restorative Justice Centers and Phoenix House provides for a large pool of workers to choose from. Many skill sets come to New Life Crew.

Odd Jobs

New Life Crew can do power washing, and small snow removal jobs. We can provide gardening, lawn services, siding. We try to provide a wide variety of services.

Web Design

We have a webmaster who does all of our web design. He is always ready to handle web problems and computer services for our customers. He is also a Certified Microsoft Office Master.

Graphic Design/Logos

Our graphic artist does custom graphic design with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional. Banners, Logos, Graphic Design, Vector Images, Phamplets, Letterheads, Business Cards.

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Our work area is approximately 50 miles in radius from Jericho, Vermont.

The travel range for New Life Crew is limited to 50 miles from home base which is in Jericho, Vermont. We will expand our range as needed, and we are willing to extend our boundary for bigger jobs. If the travel is not cost prohibitive we will travel to site locations further than 50 miles. All computer work is done remotely, and therefore the range for Web Design and Graphic Design is unlimited.